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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  January 31, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PST

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blood moon lunar eclipse is almost over but we will tell you why hundreds came out at the uss hornet to watch this spectacular event. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. it is 7:00 this wednesday, january 31st. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. we want to give you another quick look at the sky and the moon. this is in san jose. the super blue blood moon is wrapping up. the event is wrapping up. these, again, are live pictures. we have been talking about this all morning. allie rasmus has been out on the story and will have more on the moon coming up. first, let's go to steve paulson and get the latest on what we're talking about. >> we're about done. 7:11 partial end. we made it through most of this with good visibility. i would say 99%. antonio, our good friend in daly city, currently 49 with clear skies. an amazing blood moon in daly city. a little bit of fog on parts of
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the san mateo coast. there is cloud cover zipping down from the northwest. a little bit of fog out to the valley. mostly sunny today. a very dry pattern for us. there are hints of an off shore or northerly breeze. maybe not that strong. higher elevations stronger. 30s, 40s 50s. gilroy at 37. 30s in the santa cruz mountains. acampbell says 38. if you want rain, go north. there are some up in portland and seattle. there's none here. there won't be for a while. 60s and 70s, above normal temps. around pinole you had an issue. is that taken care of or still causing problems. >> well, the accident is cleared but the slow traffic remains on 80 westbound coming away from the carquinez bridge and heading west at richmond. there was a crash at pinole road. you can see the traffic will be
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slow westbound as you drive through hercules. it is getting a little better. now there is more slow traffic appearing downstream, if you will. at one point we had a 62-minute backup. now down to 40 minutes. things are improving. also on the bay bridge approach, we had a lot of people slowing down earlier on the bridge. i think it had something to do with the moon being so visible earlier. but now things are back to norm o al -- normal. nothing out of the ordinary. a crash is blocking a couple of lanes here. northbound 101 is slow. i would use an alternate route. maybe 280 if you can instead of 101. 7:02. let's go back to the desk. >> we're in the last moments of the super blue blood moon.
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>> looking kind of reddish, orange because of the shadow. but that's why there was an eclipse viewing party aboard the uss hornet overnight. >> that's where we find allie rasmus. a lot of people lost sleep over this. i think it was worth it, allie. >> reporter: yes. some people spent the night on the uss hornet so they could be out here early this morning. others lined up here at 3:30 this morning to get on the deck. hundreds of people came to this spot to get this gorgeous view. the weather cooperated. there was no fog. people have been snapping shots of this beautiful lunar eclipse. the super moon blood moon is what it was called. the blood moon because of the reddish tinge that the moon gets when it is in -- when it is an eclipse. you can see the beautiful view
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here. it is the tail end of that eclipse. it is just about to be over. a lot of people enjoying the sight since early this morning. i want to bring in the executive director of the uss hornet museum. in this was a big night. some people spent the light in the bar ricks. >> yes. it is a greatest for us. we have an actual tie-in to the moon. we were the recovery ship for the first lunar mission. we're now gearing up about 18 months out for the 59th anniversary of those events. it was a perfect morning of it. great view of the city and the moon all morning long. a lot of people came to visit and it was a good event for everyone. >> what viewers are seeing, early this morning at 4:30, when you could see the blood red tinge during the eclipse. that's because the earth shadow cast a reddish hue on the moon when there is an eclipse. >> yes.
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the red effect bends around and gives it a red tint. as the birds wake up this morning. and so it gives us a red blood color to the moon. it was a perfectly clear morning as you saw with us this morning to see it. it was a great experience. and we had a great view of city as well. it was a terrific morning. >> you mentioned it a minute ago but the uss hornet's connection to the moon. before space shuttles you said when -- >> right. >> reporter: the first missions to the moon, the astronauts would have to splash down into the ocean and get picked up. >> yes. they would land a few miles of the ship. the ship would steam over and a helicopter would pick up the astronauts and the space capsule and bring it on board. and the
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>> we declared a shelter in place and the surrounding neighborhoods. although there was a very strong odor, there was no high levels of any chemicals or any toxic vapors detected in the neighborhood. >> reporter: and the drifting smoke from the fire even forced toll takers at the san rafael bridge to shelter in place. as they were coming through the toll plazas, there was no one in the booths because the toll takers had to go back inside. they are back in the booths now. firefighters were working with teams from sims metal management to sift through the smoldering pile and make sure that the hot spots were put out, that the fire would not
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flare back up. no injuries reported at the scene. the richmond fire department didn't get any calls from anyone in the community who suffered illnesses or got sick because of the drifting smoke. there will be a full investigation, you guys, to try to figure out how the fire started. >> okay. but right now the all-clear is in effect. thank you, alex. the time is 7:09. last night president trump in his first state of the union called for unity. but his audience as he addressed congress was clearly divided. doug luzader has more from washington on the reaction. >> reporter: president trump largely stuck to the prompter last night here on capitol hill. this was a relatively lengthy address, clocking in at about an hour and 20 minutes. no big surprises but the division is congress was evident. president trump welcomed as he entered the house chamber for the first state of the union address. he began with a reaffirmation of his driving belief, america
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first. >> we have gone forward with a clear vision and a righteous mission to make america great again for all americans. >> reporter: as expected the president pumped up the economy. but even in that effort, the division in congress was clear. >> african-american unemployment stands at the lowest rate ever recorded. >> reporter: numbers of the congressional black caucus sat stone faced and was sparse throughout the night. some even boycotted the speech. the president did talk about working with democrats to fund new infrastructure projects and tackle immigration reform. >> so let's come together, set politics aside, and finally get the job done. >> reporter: he did not bring up theon going russia probe. as he left the chamber, he was asked by one gop lawmaker to
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release a controversy memo set to detail fbi abuses in the investigation. >> release the memo. >> 100%. >> reporter: 100% he said although the white house says he is still mowing it over. the democratic response was left to massachusetts senator joe kennedy speaking from a vocational school. >> bullies may land a punch, leave a mark but they have never once in the history of our united states managed to match the strength and the spirit of a people united in the defense of their future. >> reporter: there is not much time for a victory lap for the president. there is another government shutdown looming next week on february 8th. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. our question of the day is how do you feel about president trump's state of the union speech? 34% of you say very positive. 6% say somewhat positive. 13% say negative. 47% say you did not watch. let us know what you think by voting on twitter and leave
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comments for us on facebook. coming up just a bit later in the 7:00 hour, frank mallicoat is out in alameda getting people's thoughts on the president this morning. we will see him in minutes. still ahead, a san francisco elementary school teacher was arrested. the charges he is facing now after dangling a student over the second floor balcony. the mayor of san jose is about to make a bid for the governor's race. if you think sam liccardo is looking in his backyard, you're about 300 miles off the mark. legend has it, the first voyagers arrived on canoes,
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sailing the seas day and night. they knew where they were going, by watching the clouds move in the sky or the way their boats rocked. that's how the waves and stars would speak to them. guide them. sometimes, you can find your way in the world, by getting lost in it. let your legend begin at aulani, a one-of-a-kind disney resort in hawaii >> the time is 7:14. new at 7:00, former los angeles
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mayor antonio will receive backing from sam liccardo. he looks forward to working with him on affordable housing and increasing economic opportunities for low income households. it used to be a drug rehabilitation center in san jose that is being converted no housing for veterans. the two will take part in a round table discussion on affordable housing afterwards. the san jose city council voted to remove a controversial statue of christopher columbus from city hall. it was donated 50 years ago by the italian american community. but native-americans say solum bus was a not an explorer. the italian-american community has six weeks to relocate the statute. if it is not removed by then, the city will put it in
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storage. san francisco police arrested a school teacher accused of holding a student over a second floor balcony. he teaches at marshall elementary in the mission. police say he surrendered yesterday. he is being held without bail on charges of child endangerment. they say a school staff member spotted him holding a student over a balcony on campus on december 19th. the child was not hurt. if you have any extra information about tobar, call the special victims unit. the time is 7:16. the lunar eclipse is over. so sal, it should be both hands on the wheel, eyes on the road. >> that's right. some of the traffic earlier may have been from people looking at the moon from the bay bridge or other spots. now things have settled down. the commute from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze is a little better. the traffic will be a little slow through pinole and richmond because of earlier issues now clear at the bay bridge. the metering lights are on and
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traffic is backed up for 25 to 30 minutes. we're looking at the east bay commute that is beginning to fill in. one of the bigger spots of slow traffic is silicon valley, northbound 101, getting up into mountain view because of an earlier accident near shoreline. you can use 280. a lot of people have heard about this and they're on 280 instead. you can see traffic is going to be busy on 280 northbound driving through downtown getting up to the valley. i think people will be avoiding 101 for the time being. 7:17. let's bring in steve. >> thank you, kindly. >> you're welcome. >> mostly clear. we got through the eclipse there. just a little bit of fog. some of over ti and dancing around parts of the city. it looks like it has disappeared. there will be a little bit much patchy fog out there. not as much as the last few
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morning. cordelia was colder than laramie, wyoming this morning. yes, it is colder for some here, depending if you have the clear sky and no breeze. that was the case for cordelia this morning. chloe loves clouds says some fog now. kelseyville and lake port drop today 30 degrees this morning. we had fog on parts of the san mateo coast. it was creeping northward. then the breeze knocked out a lot of it. not all of it but most of it. there are clouds zipping down out of the northwest. overall we're in a stable pattern. high pressure kicking in big time. there will be a donut hole over california, nevada and arizona as far as precip goes. there is nothing out 7 to 10 days. a decent northerly breeze has been coming out of the oakland berkeley hills. a gust of 25 above the
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caldecott. there are big differences in the temps here. if you get a breeze, it holds it up. finance, you're into the 30s. occidental down to 33. windsor,36. novato at 37. 48 down in las vegas. but 37 in sacramento. and there is rain if you want that. head up to portland and seattle. they are dealing with it. we are not. and we're not expecting any any time soon. it does look dry for the first ten days, maybe out to about the middle of the month. there are some hints that maybe around the 15th or so, the pattern could change. i hope to. 50s and 60s on the temps. above average. they will continue to be above for a while. in fact going into the weekend, we might be setting record highs there, gasia. >> thank you, steve. 7:19. getting a sneak peek at the super bowl commercials. up now, how kraft is using social media and maybe your own family.
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. it is now 7:22. the government is now launching an investigation into apple over the slow-downed older iphones. also a big day for the federal reserve. pam cook is back in the studio with more. pam. >> yes. it is janet yell especially's last meeting with the federal reserve. her minutes and notes will come out at 11:00 our time. we will follow that later on ktvu.
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the opening bell greeted by another round of good corporate earnings. boeing, anthem, blue cross and eli lily posting better than expected earnings. eli lily has had success with diabetes and cirrhosis treatment. the dow and s&p 500 and nasdaq all up about half of a percentage point right now. dow jones up 153 points at this hour. the government has launched into an investigation of apple's update that slowed older phones. the fcc and the department of justice are investigating if it violated security laws. the probe is in the early stages. but apple has confirmed that the government has requested some information. according to sources, the investigators are concerned that apple may have misled investors about the performance of the older phones. apple has said that the update was to, quote, smooth out peak
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power demands and prevent older phones from shutdowns as the lithium batteries degrade. facebook paying out of the crypto currency rage. it is banning bit coin and virtual money. they call them financial products and services associated with misleading practices. it expands to instagram as well. they hope to avoid users being scammed from fake offers. and kraft foods is buying its first super bowl but focusing on the real super bowl champions, you and your family. it wants family generated content from people across america. people are invited to upload videos that could be part of the 30-second ad. it will air during the second half of the super bowl. everybody will be watching to see if they made the cut. amazon by the way, pepsi, coke
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and skittles just some of the company that's have already released all or part of their commercial online. they're streaming it. >> uh-huh. >> even though it is 5 million bucks for 30 seconds. you can see a them beforehand. >> we use today have to wait for the game. >> right. >> thanks, pam. south carolina's republican governor does not want anyone to take a knee during the national anthem at the super bowl. he has signed a proclamation declaring it stand for the flag sunday. he says that south carolina can show the world that the state is committed to supporting the nation's troops. no word if any patriots or eagles players will follow the campaign followed by colin kaepernick to kneelberg the anthem to protest social injustice. the time is now 7:25. the oakland a's expanding protective nets at the coliseum. the netting will be stretched to both ends of the dugouts to prevent fans from being hit by
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stray baseballs. the green colored nets will be added to blend in with the grass. the new nets will be up at the beginning of the season. passengers on bart might see something new on their next ride. the new pilot program putting real time departure information on display even before you get through the gates. >> reporter: mixed reaction after the president delivers his first state of the union address. i'm allison barber in washington with the details straight ahead. and we're getting to an improving stage of the morning commute where a lot of the earlier issues have improved and the freeways are looking a little better now. we will tell you about the south bay commute when we come back. the state of the weather address for the bay area is a dry one. it will be a warm one as well. temperatures will be above average. we will see for how long. ♪
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>> 7:29. welcome back to this wednesday morning, january 31st. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. >> reaction still coming in this morning to president trump's state of the union address last night. lawmakers are weighing in on what the president had to say after his first year in the white house. >> allison barber live in washington. you have the latest. good morning, allison. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. it might not be a big surprise but most democrats are slamming the speech.
7:30 am
they are saying it is divisive. one senator from colorado says only this president could have a speech about unity and be divisive. rehabilitates think he sounded strong and stayed on message. he talked about a lot of things that we expected to hear, the economy, infrastructure. >> there is never a better time to start living the american dream. >> reporter: president trump delivering his first state of the union before congress. >> we all share the same home. the same heart, the same destiny and the same great american flag. >> reporter: the speech and opportunity for the president to, among other things, sell his plan for immigration reform. >> my duty and the sacred duty of every elected official in this chamber is to defend americans, to protect their safety, their families, their communities, and their right to
7:31 am
the american dream because americans are dreamers too. >> reporter: not among trump's talking points, the classified fisa memo said to talk about how the fbi abused their authority to investigate the campaign. president says he won't stand in the way of releasing the controversial content. >> release the memo. >> 100%. >> reporter: some lawmakers a no-show, boycotting by refusing to attend the address. others wearing black in support of victims of sexual harassment and abuse. and democrats in the traditional minority party urging more bipartisanship in congress. >> bullies may land a punch, they may leave a mark. but they have never not once in the history of our united states managed to match the strength and spirit of a people united in defense of their future. >> reporter: president trump
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spoke for an hour and 20 minutes last night. his address is now the third longest state of the union address in the last 50 years. the last one, the last longest one or got close to this number was bill clinton in 2000. gasia and dave. >> thank you, allison. the question of the day is how do you feel about president trump's state of the union speech? 34% say very positive. 6% say somewhat positive. 13% say negative. 47%, almost half of you did not watch. this morning we are out and about with our question of the day. frank mallicoat is live at the waffle shop in alameda. what are people saying there, frank. >> reporter: a lot of chatter about what happened last night. we're here at the waffle shop. it started way back in 1927. you're not going to get a latte here but you will get a great breakfast and eye nice big cup of coffee. let's get a feel for how people are talking about this. my photographer joseph, come on
7:33 am
in to ollie's. and we're going to sit down right here. if i could sneak as they clear the table. how are we doing this morning, gang? >> great. great. >> reporter: we've got steve and paul, rebecca and deborah. some berkeley people, alameda people, oregon people, even a new new hampshire. >> a little new hampshire thrown in. >> reporter: all right. let's start with you, deborah. what was your thoughts last night. >> i only watched part of it because it was -- i think he is a donkey and he lies. so i couldn't hang on to anything that he said. >> was your opinion formed before you watched it? did you give him a shot. >> my opinion was formed about donald trump way back in the '80s. and i'm still there. >> okay. how about you, rebecca? >> i was disappointed that he addressed the -- he doesn't seem to understand why people are not -- the football players
7:34 am
are kneeling during the -- >> reporter: during the national anthem. >> during the national anthem. he seems to think that you have to stand -- he doesn't understand the whole concept of. >> reporter: protest. >> of protest. of trying to make a statement. trying to make a change. he doesn't understand it. it is disappointing. it felt divisive. i was hoping that he would say something to smooth things over and bring people together. and it seemed a bit divisive. >> reporter: he took a victory lap. the beginning of the speech was uplifting. >> it started to be uplifting. i was told i had dishes to do and i thought that would be a better thing to do. and i want today tune in to the warrior game. i didn't really watch much. >> reporter: how come? >> i don't know. i like the pomp and
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circumstance. what is that. >> yeah. pomp and circumstance. >> the hype and everything. i like watching the senators and the congressmen and the way that the american people make it work. >> reporter: all right. you've got granite state roots. politics are big back in new hampshire. what was your impression. >> politics have changed. it used to be right wing. now it has gone the other way. i'm embarrassed to have him as president. as a veteran. i'm retired from the nave i he talks about veterans as one group and he talks about supporting the troops. he doesn't have a clue. he has no empathy and no feeling for the american people. he just brags about himself. >> so table 14 gives it a big thumbs down. >> thumbs down. >> across the board. >> reporter: we're going to check out a few more people. we will see you again in the 8:00 hour and we will try to find people who may have liked the speech. everybody has their opinion. guys, thank you so much. what's that? >> nothing. frank mallicoat at the waffle
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shop. thank you. thank you. i think half of our respondents on twitter didn't watch. >> very interesting. >> we will continue that through the morning of course. the time is now 7:36. let's check in with steve paulson and our weather. it has been a busy morning. >> because the viewing was great, you guys. that was the good news. it is cold. a little bit of patchy fog. even that is disappearing now. it was making a push on the san mateo coast and then the north wind kicked in and knocked it out. mostly cold in san mateo. let's take a look and see in san mateo. i see a 42. that is cold. foster city, 41. 39 in palo alto and menlo park. 41 over to fremont. it depends if you get a breeze. if not, you have a big difference in the temps. a perfect example is novato. you see 39, 51, 46. it depends on elevation and breeze. it is amazing the difference,
7:37 am
short distances in many locations. i noticed that this morning in novato. there is the fog getting chewed up. set for a mostly sunny nice day. we're looking good. 30s, 40s and 50s. there's the palo alto at 39. oh, we could use rain. you have to go north. go north. you will find it up in portland and seattle. not here and we won't find it for a while. 7:37. and sal tells us -- >> things are improving a little bit, steve. >> okay. >> we had a couple of glitches in the morning commute, a couple of crashes. the metering lights were on slower than i would like to see. things are improving a little bit at the bay bridge toll plaza. still very crowded as you drive. still a 20 to 30-minute delay before you make it on to the span. if you are driving into san francisco from oakland. you might consider using public transportation if that suits you. past the coliseum there is slowing driving into oakland. and 580 is slow driving up to
7:38 am
the lake shore curve, which is not unusual. the accident that we had northbound 101 in mountain view has cleared up. but it really left -- it is slow traffic all over 101. it is not only slow on 101, it is slow on 237 getting over to this area. and, again, the crash has been cleared from the lanes. it will take some time for all of this to clear out. if you're trying to get into sunnyvale, cupertino today, add extra time if you can. 7:38. let's go back to dave. >> thank you, sal. in richmond, it is safe to go outside and breathe again after a shelter in place order was lifted just after 4:00 this morning, following a big fire at a scrap metal yard. the fire started last night just after 5:00 at sims metal management on fourth street near cutting boulevard and interstate 580. you could see the smoke for  miles. a pile of scrap metal burst into flames. the drifting smoke caused an unusual situation at the san
7:39 am
rafael bridge. the toll takers out there were told to shelter in place, meaning there was no one out there collecting money in the cash lanes. sonoma county will file ail lawsuit against pg&e over the wildfires in the north bay. the county will ask for tens of millions of dollars in damages to clear debris, rebuild infrastructure and safety programs to prevent another disaster. private lawyers were hired to consolidate lawsuits filed by property owners. it claims that pg&e is responsible for a fire that burned in sonoma county and killed 24 people and destroyed 5100 homes. lake county may join the last. a public utilities commission will examine a fire threat in california. it will focus on how utility infrastructure such as power lines may contribute to or be the cause of fires. the conversation was prompted
7:40 am
by the north bay wildfires in october. the cpuc will also examine how fires impact utility infrastructure, especially electric and telecommunication services which are crucial for emergency response and the ability for first responders to communicate. the time is 7:40. we will be talking all day about a rare lunar eclipse. it happened this morning. we will show you the progression of the moon this morning as sky watchers enjoyed the super blue blood moon. first though a sad story out of the happy hollow zoo in san jose. the investigation now underway after four animals were killed by dogs.
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7:42 am
>> the time is 7:42. the sports doctor who sexually
7:43 am
assaulted more than 150 women and girls will return to another michigan courtroom today on similar charges in a separate case. under a plea deal in eaton county dr. larry nassar pleaded guilty to three counts of criminal sexual misconduct. the judge has set aside four days for victims to share their stories before nassar is sentenced. this comes one week after nassar was sentenced to as many as 175 years in prison. shock and sadness at a south bay zoo after several animals were killed by a pack of dog that's got into the animals' pen. the dogs killed three miniature horses and a donkey at happy hollow park and zoo in san jose. officials say three wild dogs jumped over a fence on january 15th and killed one of horses. a few nights later they dug under and got into the pen again. the animals found mauled to
7:44 am
death. >> this has been tremendously difficult on everyone. these animals are literally a part of the family. >> animal care services tracked down two of the dogs. they are still looking for the third. the dogs will likely be euthanized unless an owner cups forward and can convince the judge that the dogs are not dangerous. in hawaii over the last 13 days, nine people have drowned off of the coast of maui, including three bay area people. >> now an investigation is underway into full snorkle masks. the design of the mask is raising safety concerns. >> reporter: her boyfriend was an experienced swimmer, at one time a lifeguard. she declined to speak on camera but it is contemplating legal action against the maker of the snorkle mask that byer was
7:45 am
wearing when he died. critics of the recently popular full face design says it creates carbon monoxide build- up that can cause some to be disoriented or lose consciousness. >> that is the trend that we see. individual that's are not comfortable in the water. >> reporter: mark stanley who owns the dive center in san francisco says it is mostly beginners who buy the mask which has been on store shelves for two to three years now. >> if you dive down and take a big breath, the ball goes up and closes off and prevents water from coming inside of the mask. >> reporter: stanley says it is beginner snorkles who are more prone to panic or hyper ventilate in the water. >> you're breathing hard but you feel you're not getting a breath. it is more related to the individual and their anxiety and such rather than the exact design of the mask itself. >> reporter: this is the type of snorkle that most us are used to seeing. with the full face snorkle, it
7:46 am
goes over your whole face. and while it offers a wide range of vision, it feels a bit claustrophobic. according to the state department of health, between 2007 and 2016, 156 visitors died while snorkling. that is an average of 17 deaths per year. so nine snorkling deaths in just 13 days has maui fire officials calling this an unprecedented spike in ocean drowning incidents. they remind tourists to swim in pairs, know their physical limitations and be mindful of currents. tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you, tar. the time is 7:46. well, bart is testing a new pilot program of digital monitors where you can actually see real-time departure information before you pay to go through the fare gates. the new digital monitors are at the civic center bart station directly above the gates.
7:47 am
it gives riders the most up to date information, like a delay, so you can decide if you want to go through the fare gates. if there are big delays, you may decide to put off your trip or find another way to travel. 7:47. let's go ahead and check the commute on mass transit as well as the roads. sal. >> it has been getting a little better, gasia and dave. earlier this morning we had a 60-minute drive from the carquinez bridge to the maze. now it is 40. or 41 really. but that's a lot better than it was. when you get to the bay bridge, the traffic at the metering lights has been sped up. they're trying to get rid of the backlog. it's been a while since we saw a spider on the camera here. if you like spiders, come to the tv and check out the ktvu spider. otherwise, the traffic is backed up to the maze. this is about a 25-minute delay. if we look at 880, all of a sudden we have a lot of slow traffic. it begins right near 238. and the peninsula traffic, i keep mentioning 101, 280 and 85.
7:48 am
all it took was one crash on 101 to significantly slow down the drive into mountain view. and that includes 237. 880 is also pretty slow from hayward to fremont. and the dumbarton bridge is slower than the san mateo bridge. 7:48. let's bring in steve. >> does that happen often, dumbo slower than san mateo? >> it depends. if there is slow traffic in the south bay like this morning that, is usually the case. >> thank you, sir. we got through the blue blood super moon, all that stuff. not many restrictions. there was a little bit of fog but not much. there has been patchy fog but less than we have seen the last couple of mornings. jake mckenzie says 33 degrees. i missed that moon thing. i slept in. lazy me. sleep is a good thing. it is cold for some. there are 30s showing up. there was fog forming and then it got chewed up. the north wind took care of that. it is the end of january, not
7:49 am
june and we're seeing fog. not much left. a little out to the valley. most locations got through it without much fog. very limited. clouds will continue to cruise down from the northwest. still mostly sunny. 33 santa rosa. depends if you have a puff of a breeze, your temp might be back in the 40s for some, 30s for others. 37 walnut creek. alamo in the 30s. also san ramon and dublin. close for others. temperatures a little warmer now. how about to the south, 38 in gilroy. 32 now. that observation in scotts valley. 44 soquel. santa cruz at 46. rain, we could sure use that. it is way to the north. by that i mean portland and seattle. and there is no sign of it coming here any time soon. in fact the next ten days look very dry. all forecast models, all of the ensembles have high pressure locked over california and
7:50 am
nevada and arizona. there are some hints, a couple things going on around the middle of february. if it is not undercutting, there may be a deep dip in cold air to the north. we will see how it irons out. hopefully something will develop. until then, it is not happening. we should be around 58 to 62. we're not close to that. we're well above and there is no sign of the temps going down. they're going up. record highs are a better opportunity than any rain over the next ten days, dave. >> thank you, steve. >> you're welcome. the time is 7:50. if you haven't checked your credit score in a while, you may want to get on it. today's very important deadline is related to the equifax breech last year. legend has it, the first voyagers arrived on canoes,
7:51 am
7:52 am
sailing the seas day and night. they knew where they were going, by watching the clouds move in the sky or the way their boats rocked. that's how the waves and stars would speak to them. guide them. sometimes, you can find your way in the world, by getting lost in it. let your legend begin at aulani, a one-of-a-kind disney resort in hawaii
7:53 am
>> welcome back to mornings on 2. it is now 7:53. mark farrell, the interim san francisco mayor, has picked a person to replace him in his former position on the board of supervisors. he held a ceremony to announce that catherine stephanie, the san francisco county clerk will fill his seat representing district 2. stephanie spent nine years as farrell's legislative aide before being appointed county clerk last year. >> this is an opportunity that i did not see coming and one that i cannot pass up. my district needs a supervisor right now, and i know the job. >> stephanie will also run in the november election for the
7:54 am
district 2 supervisor seat. mark farrell vacated his seat last week when the board named him san francisco's interim mayor. there's a new poll out of san francisco mayor's race and it shows a statistical dead heat. the survey commissioned by mark leto has london breed with 21% of the support. leno has 20%. followed by supervisor jane kim at 13%. ask then former supervisor angela allioto. the june election is still up in the air. more than a third of those surveyed are undecided. well, san francisco's sheriff wants to make sure that people facing domestic violence restraining orders don't have a gun. the sheriff says at this time the city doesn't have enough resources to enforce a state
7:55 am
law that prevents gun owners to turn in their weapons if they have a domestic violence case pending. she will ask for funding to locate the gun owners and con if i case the guns. the u.s. navy will reexamine possible toxic buildings at the shipyard in san francisco. this after the navy found a pattern of false data from the contractor hired to clean the area. the retesting will slow down the second phase of residential and business development at hunter's point and raises concerns about people who already moved into new homes in the neighborhood as well as artists and others who have worked there for years. the hawaii emergency management services worker that sent out the missile alert in hawaii causing chaos throughout the island has been fired. the employee who has not been identified intentionally set the alert, thinking the island was being attacked after hearing a record stating this is not a drill.
7:56 am
it turns out that he missed the first half of the message and the end of the recording that stated it was only an exercise. the head of the emergency management agency took responsibility yesterday for the incident and resigned. today is the last day to get a free credit freeze from equifax. last september, equifax announced it had been hacked and the personal information of more than 145 million americans had been compromised. it offered free credit locks. the lock or freeze allows people to block access to their credit history and scores, denying thieves the ability to open fake accounts in their names. in a meeting yesterday, the trustees said that jerry brown's proposed state budget gives the 23csu campuses just a fraction of what they need. under one proposal, tuition could go up more than $200 a year for in-state students. a similar increase was approved in the previous academic year.
7:57 am
trustees need to win more state funding before the legislator finalizes the state budget in june. right now full-time tuition for csu schools is $5,700. wow. the president's first state of the union address is now part of history. coming up at 8:00, reaction to the speech and the call for unity from both sides of the aisle. also a scrap yard fire in richmond leads to a shelter in place order. in firefighters had a tough time fighting this fire and what is happening now with air quality in the area. good morning. it will be slow in many areas still. if you are driving on the bay bridge, that traffic has improved on the way to san francisco. well, everything saying high pressure and a lot of it here for at least seven to ten days. beautiful shot of the golden gate. skies are clear here. a teeny bit of fog, but not much.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> the all clear has been given here in richmond after thousands of people were told to stay indoors because of a large fire at a scrap metal facility. we will tell you how long it took for authorities to lift the shelter in place order. and the super blue blood moon quite the show for bay area residents this morning. a look ahead. mornings on 2 continues now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning, everyone. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is wednesday, january 31st. i'm mike mibach. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. boy, the skies were nice and clear for this morning's special treat up in the sky. now that it is over, steve,
8:01 am
let's look ahead at what is coming. >> we lucked out. good viewing. good morning, mike. >> good morning. >> gasia is right. there was a teeny bit of fog. but 99% we were in the clear there. a little bit of fog might be hanging on on parts of the san mateo coast. high pressure says i will hang around california for a while. everything going north. 30s and 40s on the temps here. some bouncing off of the morning lows. it was cold to the north. 36 novato. napa at 38. 32 in occidental. above normal temps on the high side. 8:01. things better? you're looking at screens. that usually means that you see something. >> i'm making sure that the commute is not encumbered by something new. i'm watching the toll plaza. we had problems with the metering lights being on extra
8:02 am
slow. that tends to have an effect. we do have traffic that is getting a little better now. one of the things that i think people were doing was looking at the moon early on. it is one of those things that you can almost predict. 880 is super slow from san leandro to downtown oakland. the peninsula and the south bay commute has really been filled in. pardon me for -- i have to keep harping on this. look at 237. this is one of the worst commutes we have had in a very long time. because of a number of minor incidents in mountain view. we had kind of a tough commute right here. if you can use 280 instead somehow, do that. because this commute is very messy. 8:02. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. reaction coming in this morning to president trump's state of the union address to congress last night. >> the president called on congress to work together for the american people. >> i call upon all of us to set aside our differences, to seek outcome on ground, and to
8:03 am
summon the unity we need to deliver for the people. >> the president talked on how the community is growing. the impact of the tax overhaul and manufacturing jobs coming back to the united states from overseas. >> on immigration, the president called on congress to pass a plan that would provide a path to citizenship for 1.8 million undocumented immigrants and end so-called chain migration from restricting immigrants from bringing in anyone other than spouses and children. they are actions the president said that are intended to protect all americans. >> my duty and the sacred duty of every elected official in this chamber is to defend americans, to protect their safety, their families, their communities and their right to the american dream. because americans are dreamers too. >> well, many democrats say they do not trust that the
8:04 am
president will live up to his promise to take care of young people in the daca program. in an act of protest, 20 democrats invited dreamers, the young immigrants brought illegal to the united states as children to be guests at the state of the union speech. that includes nancy pelosi and kamala harris. joe kennedy the third, the grandson of robert kennedy, grand nephew of jfk gave the democratic response. >> he spoke from a technical school's auto shop south of boston. >> we hear the voices of americans who are forgotten and feel for sake en. we see an economy that make stocks sore and corporate profits climb but fails to give workers their fair share of the reward. >> 37-year-old kennedy graduated from stanford university and harvard law school. he went to stanford at the same time as chelsea clinton. during the speech, he spoke in both english and spanish and
8:05 am
told daca recipients they are part of the american story and that the democrats will fight for them. >> we also heard from eric swalwell after the state of the union address. he says the president is not doing enough for middle and lower income families. >> if he wants to convince the american people that he knows how to lead, he needs to string two consecutive days in a row together. he hasn't done that since elected president. >> he was skeptical for his call for unity. we will have a live report from washington, d.c. with more reaction on the speech. our question of the day is how far do you feel about the state of the union speech? 34% say very positive. 6% say somewhat positive. 12% say negative. 48% of you did not watch. let us know by voting on twitter and leaving comments for us on facebook. at 8:30 this morning, frank
8:06 am
mallicoat is live getting opinions of the speech. the shelter in place order was finally lift this had morning. >> reporter: this large pile of scrap metal continued to smolder throughout the night and continued to put toxic smoke into the air. richmond firefighters spent the night working to put water and chemical foam on to some of the hot spots here. and finally at 4:00 this morning, firefighters were able to bring this fire under control much that's when authorities lifted the shelter in place order. before that, people living nearby were told to stay indoors. it started last night at the sims metal management facility off of fourth street and cutting boulevard. a huge plume of black smoke could be seen for miles. because of the shifting winds last night, authorities at one point expanded the shelter in place order. it was put in place for people
8:07 am
in north richmond, point richmond and the triangle. air quality officials determined that the air in the qualities was safe to breathe. in the meantime firefighters on the ground had a tough time getting a handle on this fire. >> contra costa county hazmat responded out. they performed monitoring in the area all throughout the neighborhoods that we declared a shelter in place and surrounding neighborhoods. although there was a very odor, there was no levels of vague and ambiguousors oreo -- vapors in the neighborhood. >> reporter: there were no toll takers in the booths to collect money in the cash lanes. they returned to work this morning. firefighters worked to sift through the smoldering pile of
8:08 am
metal to put out hot spots and make sure that the fire did not flare back up. there were no injuries reported here at the scene. and the richmond fire department says they have no reports of anyone in the community getting sick as a result of all of the smoke that drifted away from this fire. investigators will now try to determine how this fire started. in richmond, alex savidge, ktvu fox 2 news. now to san francisco where police there have arrested a school teacher who held a student over the edge of a second floor campus balcony. the 47-year-old is a teacher at marshall elementary in the mission district. police say he surrendered yesterday and is being held without bail on charges of child endangerment. a school staff member saw him holding the student over the balcony on campus on december 19th. the child was not harmed. if you have information on tobar, call the special victims unit. antonio see roadway goes
8:09 am
ais picking up endorsement from sam liccardo. lie car doe looks forward to working with antonio on topics lie affordable housing. the two will take part in a round table discussion on affordable housing afterwards. in the meantime lieutenant governor gavin newsom getting endorsement. the group says newsom stood out among the candidates for his push over the years for social justice and lgbt equality, including same-sex marriage. the council voted to remove a controversial statue of christopher columbus from city hall. supporters of native-americans say columbus was not an
8:10 am
explorer. they approved the masterson measure to remove it from city hall. the italian american community was given six weeks to relocate it. if it is not removed by then, the city will put it in storage. coming up, why one customer felt humiliated while shopping for certain products at wal- mart. up next, three for the price of one. if you didn't have a chance to see the super blue blood moon, we will give you a look. we have traffic that is slow on the east shore freeway. we also have another east shore freeway that is suffering from a slowdown. we will show that you coming up. n:3:3:3
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
>> it was a super blue blood moon. allie rasmus was aboard the uss hornet in alameda. >> reporter: people spent the night on the uss hornet in the barracks below the aircraft carrier. right now on the flight deck you see dozens of people with binoculars and cameras. they have been documented the super blue blood moon that happened overnight. here is a time lapse of the eclipse. there were three lunar eevents
8:14 am
coinciding. the super moon, when the moon is closest to the earth. the blue moon when you get a second full moon in a month. and the reddish hue that the moon gets as the sun passes over it. >> there were people waiting in line to get in. a lot of interest. >> it is an opportunity to see something that we will never see in our lifetime again. we are fortunate to be so close in the bay area and i couldn't pass it up. >> reporter: the uss hornet has a special connection to the moon because the aircraft carrier was in charge of the recovery when apollo 11 and 12 astronauts splashed down, this is the ship that met them and picked them up. a lot of history here at the uss hornet museum. that's why it was a perfect place to come out and watch the lunar eclipse. on the uss hornet, allie
8:15 am
rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. let's help get you out the door. sal castaneda is tracking any troubles out there. >> yes. we have trouble. one of them is a railroad crossing for the smart train on hern avenue in santa rosa. just west of highway 12 and 101. there has been a deadly crash involving a smart train and a pedestrian. this was reported at about 8:00 this morning or so. we're trying to get more details. we do know this is an area for you to avoid traffic-wise. hearn avenue near the train tracks in santa rosa. west of highway 101. we're trying to get more information on this. but we have word that it is a deadly collision between a train and a pedestrian. northbound six sick as you drive up to the pacheco exit, there is a crash. there is a sig alert issued. highway 4 is slow heading over to 680. that will figure into your
8:16 am
plans as you drive over to highway 4 and 680. 80 westbound as you head out to the macarthur maze, that is improving. it is a 34-minute drive. we had earlier issues there. and at the bay bridge, traffic is slow in all the lanes. it is 8:16. let's bring in steve with today's forecast. >> thank you, sal. we have a lot -- mostly clear skies. there is a teeny bit of fog. nothing compared to the last couple mornings. unless you're out in the valley. there is some there. there was some skirting around the san mateo coast. that's about it. there might be a little bit left there. otherwise we're pretty good here on high pressure kicking in and deflecting everything well to the north. there will be clouds coming down out of the northwest. they tend to favor areas north and east over the areas. 30s and 40s on the temps. it is cold for some. we are beginning to warm off of the morning lows. down towards santa clara valley. gilroy, 39. 45 seems popular. soquel and santa cruz in there. parts of the santa cruz
8:17 am
mountains, 32. 51 down in las vegas. their high temperature will be about 10 to 15 degrees above average. already 60 in l.a. and palm springs. and it looks like high pressure is here for a while. maybe through about the first two weeks of february. there are some hints that rain or a pattern change will develop around the 15th. that's the earliest sign for right now. 60s on the temps. normal highs this time of year 58 to 62. we're not close to that. we're about 64 to 72. and the theme here or the trend is for the temps to go up over the next few days, not down. >> 70s. >> there you go. >> all right. >> the time is 8:17. tickets go on sell tomorrow for the music festival returning to downtown san francisco for a second year. the cluster fest comedy music festival takes place june 3rd. there will be dozens of performers. organizers have announced who will be on stage.
8:18 am
you may remember that last year it included kevin hart, jerry seinfeld and sighs cube. the conflicting investments that she made that led to her resigning from the health agency. also, no peacocks allowed. up next, why one passenger says she needed her peacock to fly with her and just how far she made it through the airport. woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early.
8:19 am
hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
8:20 am
>> the time is 8:20. friends of a missing san
8:21 am
francisco man who runs a dog walking business are concerned for his safety. he hasn't been seen since last wednesday. flyers have been posted around the neighborhood where he lives. he walks dogs at patricia park. since then phone calls go straight to voice mail and he has not shown up to meet with clients and friends which is out of character. police say they're treating this as a missing person's case because they have no evidence of foul play at this point. a southern california woman has filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against wal-mart. she asked employees to unlock beauty supplies. a wal-mart spokesperson says the products are locked up because they're more likely to be stolen. the lawsuit is asking for a change in wal-mart's policy as well as damages.
8:22 am
>> i felt that i was being treated as a person who might be a thief. even though i have no criminal history. and i have always been a law abiding person. that is why i am speaking out and have filed a lawsuit. >> she also says that after she selected the items she wanted, a store employee walked hadder to the cash register and she was not allowed to touch the product until the purchase was actually complete. wal-mart has responded saying it does not tolerate discrimination. but the decision to lock up products is made on a store by store basis. yesterday the district attorney's office announced a month-long investigation and found that walgreens was overcharging customers and selling expired baby food. without admitting wrong doing, the company has agreed to pay civil penalties to the counties
8:23 am
of san mateo, santa clara, contra costa and santa cruz. yesterday lawmakers approved an audit of the controversial project. it follows news from the high speed rail authority that the price tag for the first part of the tracks has jumped by an additional $2.8 billion. the project to build a train between san francisco and los angeles is estimate today cost $65 billion. lawmakers say the audit is needed now more than ever now that the train is seven years behind schedule. the audit that will take six to nine months to complete will cost $350,000. bart is testing a new pilot program that gives passengers real-time departure information before they pass through the fare gates. there are new digital monitors above the gates at the civic center station in san francisco. the idea is to give riders the most up to date information so they can decide whether to go through the fare gates and get
8:24 am
on bart or if they see significant delays, they can put off their trip or find another way to travel. with tax season in full effect, a new study shows that most americans say they lack an understanding of the new tax code. 57% of americans say they are not confident about their knowledge of the new code. the survey was taken prior to the law being finalized. parts of the code were under review on capitol hill. the new law changes a lot about how americans will file taxes next year, which includes eliminating some individual exemptions and deductions among other items. jetblue airlines is downsizing. they're reducing leg room on the planes from 34 inches to 32. the difference allows an additional 12 seats in the economy cabin. the leg room is still the same as most carriers. the retrofit will be completed by next year. and take a look at this. a woman tried to board a flight from newark to lax over the weekend with what is called an
8:25 am
emotional support peacock. the woman purchased two seats, one for her and one for dexter to avoid any issues with travel plans. but the peacock was denied boarding. in a statement united airlines said this animal did not meet guidelines for a number of reasons, including weight and size. we explained this to the customer on three separate occasions before they arrived at the airport. we're getting a look at this year's super bowl commercials. in a moment, how kraft is taking a different approach by using social media and maybe even your own family. a troubling story out of happy hollow zoo in san jose. the investigation underway after four animals were killed. >> reporter: mixed reaction coming after the president delivers his first state of the union address. i'm allison barber in washington with the details straight ahead. on your way to the silicon val he other, it will be a tough commute. if you're trying to cross the bay, i would use the san mateo
8:26 am
bridge instead of the dumbarton. and i would avow mountainview if you can. if you're looking for rain, you're out of luck for 10 to 15 days. if you're looking four sunshine, we have the forecast for you. at&t has a network with thousands of best-in-class security experts. which means... more of the eye balls you want watching the network...
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& less of the ones you don't... more experts preventing security issues & less security threats impacting our customers. more of a highly secure network with more security products available for further protection & less per month than comcast for business internet. switch to at&t internet for business. more & less - that's the power of &. there are 7 continents.
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7 seas. but at celebrity cruises we'd argue, more than 7 wonders. for a limited time, enjoy two free perks like complimentary wifi and drinks, plus savings for everyone in your stateroom, when you book now. during the celebrity cruises sail beyond event. >> at 8:28. welcome back to mornings on 2. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i'm mike mibach. let's check in with steve paulson right now. pitchers and catchers in two weeks. it feels like spring training aaround here. right? 70s coming. >> yes. no doubt about it. i think it was 83 yesterday in phoenix, mike, by the way. how about that. >> very nice. >> it is a dry heat. it is a dry heat. not much going on for us. patch or two of fog. mainly to the valley. there was some on the san mateo
8:29 am
coast. but high pressure says, you know, i just love the west coast, especially california and nevada and arizona. there is an offshore breeze that will make for 60s and 70s. had low 70s yesterday. i don't think that will change any time soon. yes, it gets cold in the morning. 30s and 40s and 50s around the bay. 40s and 50s here. berkeley labs already 53. 50 in the city. if you have to have rain, head to seattle. they are getting lots of rain up there. we are not. we're not expecting any time soon. we are expecting warm temps for this time of year. 60s and 70s. 8:29-ish. everything okay? >> yeah. for the most part. a couple of incidents that i want to mention. one is a deadly collision between a smart train and a pedestrian that happened in the 7:00 hour. it is causing major delays on highway 101 in santa rosa. it is on 101 -- actually not on
8:30 am
101. but west of 101 on hearn avenue where the railroad tracks cross. the problem is that is downtown santa rosa. and people getting off of the freeway near that spot are in for delays. people on city streets in that spot are in for delays as well. where hearn avenue crosses the railroad tracks, expect delays there. we're looking at big delays on northbound 680 at pacheco. the crash is cleared but look at highway 4. it has taken a turn for the worst here getting out of 680 because of the crash. most people are then going this way or south. but it will back you up, if that's your commute. this commute on highway 80, interstate 80 has improved. 35 minutes is not too bad for this time of the morning. when you get to the bay bridge, we have traffic backed up for about a 20-minute delay. another bad commute has been getting into mountain view because of earlier issues. this whole thing is backed up from the -- from the 280
8:31 am
interchange all the way up to mountain view. i don't really have an alternative for you because 280 and 85 are also slow. 8:31. back to the desk. >> president trump called for unity in his state of the union address to congress. had morning democrats are weighing in on what the president had to say after his first year in the oval office. >> reporter: allison barber is live in washington. much of the focus, allison, was on immigration. >> right. last week the white house released their framework, the four pillars of immigration proposal. president trump went through it last night. and the reaction in the chamber from the democrats was not good. when he talked about chain migration and protecting, in his words, nuclear family by ending chain migration, what he calls chain migration, which would be family visa system that we have in place, democrats booed and hissed. and a lot of republicans on the hill, you talked to them and they said that moment it seemed like a deal on immigration is
8:32 am
further than -- further away than it was a couple of days ago. that is something that democrats and republicans have struggled to come together on. and last night it seemed like they somehow came further apart in that one moment when president trump started talking about his plans. they're trying to get a daca compromise. that's what both sides want to do by march 5th when daca expires and you have hundreds of thousands of dreamers, young immigrant who's came to the country illegally as children who could be eligible four deportation. they all say they want to protect the children by and large. but you have hard liners on the right saying they are not okay with the president's proposal because it offers citizenship. and you have so many democrats saying they don't like what the administration is offering either. >> allison, some of the other goals that he mentioned during the address, i mean, fixing high drug prices, paid family lead, infrastructure across the country. these are topics that you would think that democrats would be open to and happy that the
8:33 am
president was discussing. you touched on it. based on the body language of the democratic lawmakers there last night, it does not appear that they were buying one word that the president was saying last night. >> yeah. that's right, mike. it seems democrats felt the overall theme, even though he was talking about unity and bipartisanship, they felt he was doing it in a way that was divisive. and you had a chance of where the democrats were on in this in the speech delivered afterwards by representative joe kennedy where he talked about under the administration. he never mentioned president trump specifically. but he mentioned hatred has been able to fess enter and freely march in the streets under this administration. he talked about how civil rights have been rolled back by this department of justice. they already were going into this with a lot of frustration with this administration. there is no secret there. as you watch them and the reaction during the speech and the statements that have come out afterwards, it seems like across the board they feel like
8:34 am
this administration is not one that actually wants to work with them. despite what they say. and senator chuck schumer, the senate minority leader, said just yesterday when the administration talks about bipartisanship, they say it but democrats feel like what they're offering is not bipartisanship. they offer a bill and pound the table and say you need to sign this before consulting them on it. it seems that democrats and republicans are pretty farrah part on most things at this point in time. >> allison barber live in washington. thank you. >> how do you feel about president trump's state of the union speech. 35% say very positive. 6% say somewhat positive. 12%, negative. 47% did not watch the address at all last night. let us know what you think by voting on twitter and comment on the ktvu facebook page. frank mallicoat has taken our question of the day on the
8:35 am
road to the waffle shop in alameda. frank, what do people there have to say about the speech? >> i'm having a hard time finding people who support the speech. in fact i think our numbers play out. 47% say they didn't watch t i have a couple of guys here that did not watch it. one gentleman that did. say hi to harry, raymond -- gary, raymond and harry. they're part of the romeo club. what is that. >> retired old men eating out. >> okay. they get together once a month or so and have coffee here. how come you didn't watch it last night? >> my grandson had his fourth birthday party last night. i was at the party. if i was available, i wouldn't have watched it because i don't believe what president trump believes when he is on script. when he is speaking -- when he is speaking from the heart, that's when he is saying what he really believes. but when he is on script, i don't believe anything that he says. >> raymond, you didn't watch
8:36 am
it. you didn't have a birthday. why didn't you tune in. >> i had a long day. i binge watched a couple of basketball games. and i don't think that trump was going to say anything that would be relevant anyway. >> so that brings us to you, harry. you were buoyed by a couple of points in the speech. tell us why. basically i think i watch trump every time that he speaks because it is somewhat entertaining. and what he says i do like. i think he is coming across as being somewhat moderate. but i don't think in the long run it will make any difference. we have seen the same play before. and what we're going to find is there will be a tug of war between the right and the left and america will become a country that is pulled apart and like a piece of cloth that is already tattered. and the more they pull, the more it becomes tattered and pulled apart.
8:37 am
and they're going to try to put it back together again, make america great again. but when it does, the piece of cloth will not look the same. we will see the basics of how it's been torn apart. >> reporter: let me ask you, was he presidential last night? >> he is very presidential. but his mannerism is very fascist. i was commenting to my wife and my son this morning. i said when trump talks, he has a tendency to almost act as if he is a fascist like mussolini. i have seen pictures of mussolini and how he turns his face up when he starts talking. and it is so typical of -- >> how is the food here. >> great breakfast. try the waffle combo. >> i hear the pecan waffle is
8:38 am
good. >> i don't know. i'm a pancake person. >> like i said, a lot of folks didn't tune in last night. those that did, at least in alameda right now, not a lot of thumbs up for mr. trump. we would love to hear from you. go to twitter and facebook and and weigh in. and we will see you again in the 9:00 hour. >> sounds good. thank you, frank. appreciate it. new at 8:00, the director of the centers for disease and control has resigned. brenda fitzgerald was selected for the position in february by tom price. today's resignation comes after it was stated that she purchased stock into a tobacco company. she had come under scrutiny for slow walking divestment from other investments. she purchased stock in a dozen health insurance companies. the former doctor of the
8:39 am
usa gymnastics team and the faculty member at michigan state faces other sentences for abusing other gymnasts. the judge has set aside several days for 60 women and girls who want to confront nassar. nassar was sentenced to 175 years in prison in another county. john angler was named as interim president. he will face criticism who says that the university turned a blind eye to victims. there is shock and sadness at a zoo after a pack of dogs got into the animals' pen. it happened in san jose. three wild dogs jumped over a fence on january 15th and killed one of the horses. then a few nights later dug into the fence and got into the animals' pen again. the next morning, the other animals were found dead. >> this has been a at the --
8:40 am
tremendously difficult on all of us. the animals are literally part of the family. >> two of the dogs were tracked down. they are still looking for the third one. the dogs will likely be euthanized unless an owner can come forward and convince a judge that they are not dangerous. new at 8:40, why the justice department is stepping in after apple admitted that it slowed down older iphones it says to protect the older devices. a new vehicle is out on the roadway. what it claims it has done for the first time ever yesterday. >> well, we're about to turn a page from january to february. it will get warmer. not colder. temperatures are on their way up and maybe for a while. fire fighting is a very dangerous profession.
8:41 am
we have one to two fires a day and when you respond together and you put your lives on the line, you do have to surround yourself with experts. and for us the expert in gas and electric is pg&e. we run about 2,500/2,800 fire calls a year
8:42 am
and on almost every one of those calls pg&e is responding to that call as well. and so when we show up to a fire and pg&e shows up with us it makes a tremendous team during a moment of crisis. i rely on them, the firefighters in this department rely on them, and so we have to practice safety everyday. utilizing pg&e's talent and expertise in that area trains our firefighters on the gas or electric aspect of a fire and when we have an emergency situation we are going to be much more skilled and prepared to mitigate that emergency for all concerned. the things we do every single day that puts ourselves in harm's way, and to have a partner that is so skilled at what they do is indispensable, and i couldn't ask for a better partner.
8:43 am
>> at 8:43, we're looking back at the opening bell. stocks are bouncing back after a sharp losses this week. the dow is up by almost 150 points, gaining one half of one percent. gains but smaller on the s&p and nasdaq.
8:44 am
apple's stock up slightly this morning even as the government has launched an investigation into whether apple violated security laws concerning disclosures about the software update. the probe is in the early stages but apple has confirmed that the government has requested information from the company. according to sources, the investigators are concerned that apple may have misled investors about the performance of the older phones. apple has said the update was to smooth out peak power demands and prevent older iphones from sudden shutdowns as their lithium ion batteries degrade. kraft foods is buying its first super bowl ad. it wants to feature family generated content from everyone across the country instead of using a celebrity or funny skit to promote the products. people are invited to upload photos and videos that could be selected to be in the ad.
8:45 am
a bay area tech company says it is the first to make deliveries with a self-driving vehicle. udel used the bright orange delivery truck to deliver groceries to two separate locations yesterday from the drager's grocery store in san mateo. it followed the law and had a backup driver on board. customers have meet the van at the curb where they use a mobile app to open the compartment holding the groceries. they hope to have several delivery trucks making deliveries from other companies including amazon and ups as well. let's help get you out the door. sal castaneda has been tracking a somewhat troublesome commute. >> yeah. the meter lights were on early this morning. we have been watching 880 closely. and the bay bridge also improved which helped out interstate 880. san mateo bridge traffic is
8:46 am
okay. i think i may have skipped the bay bridge. let's quickly go back there. the bay bridge is look more normal -- is looking more normal. the metering lights are on as they should be. we had an earlier accident in mountain view. that is gone. but the traffic getting into the west valley on every single freeway is slow. if you have your favorite maybe city road or if you can give yourself extra time, you will need it getting into that west valley in the silicon valley. 8:46. let's bring in steve. >> thank you, sir. >> you're welcome. >> well, the outlook here for the next 12, 13 days is for not much except clear skies, maybe a little patchy fog and well above average temps. in fact if anything we will get warmer. there is a little bit of fog out there. not much. a teeny bit. the trend is the fog doesn't have much of a chance. if you're looking for rain, most of the west coast will be dry, dry, dry. even up into the pacific
8:47 am
northwest going into february. the storm track is not doing any favors for nevada, arizona or much of california. there is an eventerly component coming off of the oakland berkeley hills for some. that little off shore direction is not as strong as the surface. it makes it over to the coast which has mild to warm temps. all the way down to monterey. there were 80s around big sur yesterday. we are beginning to warm up. speaking of the rain, there it is. a little in portland, more so in seattle. they have had nonstop rain this month. for us, we could use some. nothing in sight through probably the 14th. there are hints that rain may return around the 15th. but we have a long way to go before that shows itself. 60s on the temps, low, mid and upper. and 70s as well, especially if you have the northeasterly direction. sunny side up and warmer for the next couple of days.
8:48 am
>> thank you. it was a tough game for the warriors that got blown out by the utah jazz on the road. the warriors looked sluggish from the start on defense. golden state gave up 69 points by halftime. that allowed the jazz to shoot 58% on the night. the starters were benched in the 4th. now they go to sacramento friday. the sharks are feeling the loss of joe thornton. san jose faced off against the defending stanley cup champs in pittsburgh. the sharks momentum did not last. the sharks play the red wings in detroit later today. a new study shows the lasting effects of exercise on the body. british researcher say that
8:49 am
genes within muscles remember their growth which makes it easier to grow later on through work juts. there are several far reaching implications. it provides insight how exercise and rehabilitation can target genes. athletes using performance enhancing drugs could still see benefits. 8:49. if you haven't checked your credit score in a while, you might want to do that. up next, today's important deadlines related to last year's massive equifax breach.
8:50 am
8:51 am
>> the time now is 8:51. mark farrell has picked the person to replace him on the board of supervisors. farrell held a certificate moan knee the marina district to announce san francisco county
8:52 am
clerk catherine stephanie will fill his seat in district 2. he was appointed county clerk last year. >> this is an opportunity that i did not see coming and one that i cannot pass up. my district needs a supervisor right now. and i know the job. >> stephanie says she will also run for the district 2 supervisor's seat in the november election. you will remember that farrell vacated the seat last week when the board chose him as san francisco's interim mayor. the san francisco sheriff wants to make sure that those with a domestic violence violation does not have a gun. she says there are not enough resources to enforce the state law for those to turn in their weapons. but the sheriff says she will ask city leaders for additional funding to find the gun owners and confiscate the weapons.
8:53 am
a poll of the mayor's race of san francisco is showing a dead heat. breed has 21%. leno has 20%. followed by jane kim at 13%. then allioto has 8%. the june election is still up in the air and a third of those surveyed are undecided. today is the last day to get a free credit freeze from equifax. last september equifax announce touchdown had been hacked and the personal information of some 145 million americans had been compromised. it offered free credit freezes. that allows people to block access to their credit history and scores, denying thieves to open fake accounts in their names. today is also the day to enroll in insurance policies
8:54 am
offered through covered california. president trump shortened the sign-up window for the affordable care act marketplace, ending enrollment on december 15th. but california maintained the january 31st deadline and that is tomorrow. as of january 21st, covered california had signed up 320,000 new members. 1.2 million existing members have renewed for 2018. information on a story that could shake up the health insurance agency that we reported yesterday on mornings on 2. jeff bezos, the ceo of amazon, warren buffett of berkshire hathaway and jp morgan chase are forming a partnership with each one's companies to create an insurance company for their employees. they say it will be free from profit-making incentives and constraints, while concentrating on technology
8:55 am
solutions to provide simplified high quality health care at a reasonable cost. we talked about the chances of this succeeding. ceeding. >> for any of this to work, you don't just need, you know, bezos and buffet and diamond, you need buy-in from the people in their companies that ultimately will get better health outcomes and have a better experience with the delivery system but it will require changes. >> the three companies combined are worth more than a trillion and a half dollars. new information after the false missile warning in hawaii in recent weeks. up next, why the employee that sent out the warning thought that hawaii was under a missile attack. but what i see here never ceases to amaze me: change.
8:56 am
i see it in their eyes. it happens when people connect with nature, with culture, with each other. day after day i'm the first to see change. to see people go out, and come back new. princess cruises. come back new. sail with the #1 cruise line in alaska. 7-day cruises from $599. visit
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>> the pilot who died on monday when his plane crashed has been
8:58 am
identified as christopher pullman. his plane crashed at the former concord naval weapons station. no one else was on board when it crashed. a cattle rancher found the wreckage and called 911. the cause of the crash is not yet known. the hawaii emergency management services worker who sent out the missile alert in hawaii has been fired. the fcc says the employee who has not been identified intentionally sent the alert thinking that the island was going to be attacked after hearing a recording that says this is not a drill. it urn its out he missed the first part of the drill and the end of the message. the head of the administration resigned get. >> mr. miagi has taken full responsibility for the incident on january 13th and the actions
8:59 am
of all of his employees. >> the fcc said after the worker realized it was an exercise, he froze and seemed confused, prompting another worker to step in and send the correction. emergency alerts will be targeting smaller groups during natural disasters. the idea is to alert those directly affected and cut down on unnecessary emergency messages. the geo targeting will take effect in november of next year. by may of next year, wireless providers will support alerts in spanish and characters up to -- and alerts up to 360 characters. the county will ask for tens of millions of dollars in damages to clear debris, rebuild infrastructure and improve safety programs. they hired private lawyers to consolidate 100 lawsuits filed
9:00 am
by property owners. the lawsuit claims that pg&e is responsible for the fire that burned 137 square miles in sonoma county. >> a call for unity from president trump. we will break down some of the highlights and promises from the state of the union address. people ordered to stay inside for nearly 12 hours. the latest on a scrap yard fire in richmond that caused a shelter in place. the watch parties across the area. the rare event that we won't see on the west for for another 25 years. >> welcome to the 9. a lot to talk about this morning. it is a busy wednesday. a little bit of fog coming into the city. there was a triple threat, a triple bonus, if you will, up in the sky thanks to the moon overnight. i want to get


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